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From the same period date the various additions of stone and brick buildings with courtyards protected by cast iron porticoes, miami messi jersey typical of architecture under the Third Republic. Only the buildings of the 19th century hospice of humanity with their graceful porticoed courtyards will be preserved. In the 19th century, English and Italian influences appeared in the layout of the garden, contributing to the "romantic" spirit of the place. This place contains a dense biodiversity which can develop in the shelter of man. Located on the road to Uzès, near the barracks, the former hospice of humanity was built from 1863 and inaugurated on November 1, 1874. Unfortunately, it has lost its large four-sided dome, its lantern housing a bell which surmounted the chapel and its original roofs overlooking the center of the main facade of the building on the road to Uzès. On the road side of Uzès, the old richly worked wrought iron entrance gate flanked by two small pavilions is remarkable. The crocodile that refreshes itself in the water of the marble basin and the palm tree located on the other side of the square recall the coat of arms of the city. It is supported by two large pink marble columns.

The marble fountain inaugurated in 1851 in the center of the esplanade, the Pradier fountain, is the work of the sculptor James Pradier and the architect Charles Questel, author of the Saint-Paul church. Near Square Antonin is Place d'Assas, a town center square with an imposing fountain designed by artist Martial Raysse in the mid-1980s. This artist is also behind the crocodile fountain in the Place du Marché, located in the heart of the Ecusson, a work created with the Italian sculptors Silvio and Vito Tongiani. It is surrounded by figures symbolizing the important waterways for the city; the Gardon, the Rhône, the fountain of Eure (source of Uzès, starting point of the old Roman aqueduct) and the fountain of Nîmes. The building now houses the majority of the scientific part of the University of Nîmes (Carmes site). The building is now the main site of the University of Nîmes. To the south, the start of the very wide avenue Feuchères (60 m × 300 m) lined with monumental facades such as the prefecture, the former "Hôtel Silhol" (current administrative court) or the former Hôtel des Postes (former "hôtel Bézar”) in the direction of the large central station, give the site a particularly monumental aspect.

Some facades are underlined with bands of enamelled tiles. Done for the Brazilian selection which chained victories in this competition with a 3-0 inflicted on the Colombians. On September 3, for the first big shock of the season against Seville FC away (4th day of the championship), Barcelona won (3-0) with Raphinha's first goal. In the 33rd minute, Moussa Sissoko scored a goal that allowed Newcastle to equalize. Captain, he led the Albiceleste to victory in the final, won on penalties against France (3-3 after extra time). Its assignment as a theater was short-lived, since from the beginning of the 20th century the Paris-Nîmes store took up residence there, then it was the Ladies of France who settled there, until the 1980s. settled there for a short time, then the building was assigned to the Rakan, an artists' association. The FIFA Ballon d'Or 2010 is a trophy awarded to the best footballer in the world during the calendar year 2010. The 55th presentation of the Ballon d'Or trophy since 1956 takes place according to a new formula since it is the first "FIFA Ballon d'Or".

↑ The austral winter is in July and the Brazilian championship takes place from May to December. On May 26, 2018, Real Madrid won the Champions League against Liverpool FC. Real Betis, during its victory in the Spanish Cup, is already qualified for a European Cup via the Spanish championship. The Madrid team is also taking part in the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Super Cup and the UEFA Champions League this season. Before 1928, the only Spanish event of a national nature was the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Cup. Serravalle Scrivia is a town in the province of Alexandria in Piedmont, Italy. The Serbian authorities believe that the author of the incident is none other than the brother of the Albanian Prime Minister, the only Albanian person (with his escort) present in the stadium, the meeting being classified as high risk. Its history begins at the end of the Spanish Civil War. Its architecture and decorations are typical of the end of the 19th century, with an impressive skylight. Built within the urban complex of the former Jesuit cloister by Maximilien Raphel in 1894, the Jules-Salles gallery has just been restored to its original decor.

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