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The British Alan Gardiner sees in Hardaï a locality located on the border of the XVIIth and XVIIIth nomes and recognizes in it the capital of the two nomes, separated according to religious geographical sources but administratively unified from the reign of Ramses V. According to a writing by the geographer Alexandrian Claudius Ptolemy, the city was located on an island in the middle of the river on the same latitude as the city of Saka. JA Plateau won the competition this season after finishing at the top of the standings, eight points ahead of the Panthères de Djougou-AS Oussou Saka duo. This season is the club's 88th in La Liga. He gradually places those close to him in managerial positions in the club (with the aim of re-electing Mamić in each election). This calendar has the particularity that its leap day is placed at the head of its first month, chaitra.

A calendar reform committee was set up in November 1952. His work led to the adoption as the Indian national calendar, officially introduced on March 22, 1957; 1st chaitra 1879 according to this calendar. ^ Intervention of the historian Patrick Zylberman in the documentary "The Vaccine according to Bill Gates" by Frédéric Castaignède, May 30, 2013 on Arte, 22 min 50 s. ↑ Durisch Gauthier 2002, p. ↑ abc and d Éric Fournier, “May 1871: the Hôtel de Ville is set on fire. ↑ Laurent Carpentier, "Cannes Festival 2019: Zahia Dehar, not so easy to be an easy girl", Le Monde, May 21, 2019 (read online). ↑ G. Ramos-Larios, MA Guerrero and LF Miranda, "The Unusual Distributions of Ionized Material and Molecular Hydrogen in NGC 6881: Signposts of Multiple Events of Bipolar Ejection in a Planetary Nebula", The Astronomical Journal, vol. ↑ Sikuris are sets of siku players.

On May 25, Barcelona won 3-2 in a friendly match at Stadium Australia in Sydney against the A-League All Stars (a selection of the best players in the Australian league). To prepare for this change, Tottenham recruited the English star of Nottingham Forest, Teddy Sheringham, bought at the time for a record 2.1 million pounds, to compensate for the departures of Gary Lineker and Paul Gascoigne in the summer of 1992. The north London club finished eighth in the inaugural season despite a strong season for Sheringham, the league's top scorer with 22 goals. The same year with the Alibiceleste, he successively became the youngest Argentine player and scorer in the final phase of the World Cup. In the 11th minute of the match, the Brazilian Marcelo scores an own goal for Croatia (a first for the Brazilian team in a World Cup match), then Neymar equalizes with a strike from 25 meters shortly before the first half hour. The Harris Papyrus, written towards the end of the reign of Ramses III mentions a temple of Anubis at Hardai and according to the Wilbour Papyrus, this city is the administrative metropolis of a region known as ta khahet in Hor-dy (name of Hordai).

The fourteen teams involved are grouped together in a single pool where they face each other twice, at home and away. He plays as a central defender in the Erbil SC club. This is the first title of Benin champion in the history of the club. On July 23, the club formalizes the recruitment of French defender Jérémy Mathieu for an amount of €20 million. The months of the first part of the year all have 31 days, taking into account the (apparent) slower movement of the Sun on the ecliptic during this period when the Earth is farthest from the Sun, which is that of aphelion Earth's orbit (at the beginning of July, ronaldo jersey al nassr in the month of Aashaadha). Now this deity appears on the emblem of the 18th nome of Upper Egypt located on the eastern bank of the Nile. Since that date, a cycle of 365 days begins every year on March 22 of the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of leap years during which it begins on March 21 Gregorian.

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